MAY 8, 1962 - JULY 15, 2004

This website is dedicated to my dearly departed brother, HECTOR L. FIGUEROA JR., who passed away on JULY 15, 2004. Hector was a very special man and he touched so many lives. I wanted to do something to pay tribute to him. I want Louie to know how loved he was. And I hope
he is watching over all of us.

So many people came to Hector's funeral. So many people loved him and are deeply saddened by his passing; and I and my family are very touched by this outpouring of love.

This website will be very special. Over time I will be placing a message board so I and Louie can hear from you. I welcome your comments; share your experiences of how Hector touched your life. It gives me great comfort to know that we can reach out to Hector in this way.

I am creating a photo album of Hector, as you will see from the links below. Please visit again to see the updates to this site. Hector would be so happy to know that you came.

Thank you all.

Eulogy for my brother, Hector L. Figueroa, Jr.,on the day of his funeral services,
Thursday, July 22, 2004

My brother, Hector, was very much loved by everyone. He touched each and every one of us with his gentle kindness and spiritual beauty. Most of Hector's friends knew him as Louie, while his co-workers knew him as Figgy; and some called him 'Gumba'. I used to call him "Louis", which he found annoying, but he let me get away with it anyway, because I was his sister and he loved me. But no matter how many nicknames he had, there could only be one Hector. And everyone knew and loved him for the wonderful person that he was.

Louie spent most of his life in and out of hospitals. He understood suffering and hardship more than anyone can imagine. Yet he always held strong in his faith in God; and even still believed in the general goodness of all people. His resolve never failed him and he never gave up on anything. My brother was a wonderful, honest, man with character and inner strength that I have always admired.

Those that knew my brother can attest to his generosity and caring for his fellow man. Hector would not hesitate for a moment to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, even if he was in need himself. He was a self-less man, always worrying about others ahead of himself.

Hector and I were very close. We spoke every day on the telephone, sometimes three or four times. And since his passing, I awake every morning with a heaviness in my heart, such a deep sadness from deep within my very soul; I am reminded with every sunrise that I won't be receiving my morning text message; and I won't be hearing that deep barritone morning greeting; and worst of all, I won't be seeing my brother again, at least in the physical state. But one thing I know for sure is that Hector will always be with me in my heart. He will be my spiritual guidance, as he has been in these days of such sadness. He will speak to me through my dreams, thoughts and memories. And he will help me to go on in the physical world in the interim.

And, Louie, if you are listening to me now, as you lay yourself to rest, please take with you the spirit of love that fills this very room; and please take with you the love from your family and friends; please take with you my deep love and admiration; and know that I also will be listening to your whispers of guidance and love to me as I continue to walk this earth. I will try to do good for you. Sleep now and suffer no more knowing all these things; rest your soul and spirit, as you truly deserve, my dear, sweet brother. Goodbye for now. I will miss you immensely................


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